What is a Panelization?

Panelized Wall Systems, or Panelization, is a construction method that builds the structural elements of a home in a controlled environment and then ships those components to a job site for assembly.


Why choose a Panelized Wall System?

Save Money: Panelized Wall Systems can have significant cost savings. According to the National Association of Home Builders, "Engineered building components (prefabricated wall systems) typically use 26% less wood products and require 37% less construction time, resulting in significant savings for builders."


Reduce On-Site Labour: Using a panelized wall system reduces the on-site time needed to construct your project and usually requires a smaller crew than conventional stick framing.


Reduce Waste: Using a panelized wall system significantly reduces construction waste. By using carefully prepared shop drawings construction material is used much more efficiently, reducing site waste by as much as 60%.


Quality: Interhabs technical expertise ensures that you will have top quality panelized wall systems built in a climate-controlled environment. Our panels are delivered on schedule and on budget.


Save Time: Panelization can reduce build time by as much as 60%. A traditional stick frame home can take 180 to 270 days to build, a panelized home can be built in just 90 days.


Reduce On-site Theft: Panels are pre-built so no large quantities of expensive lumber and sheet goods are on-site.

Inside Our Facility

Our sustainable facility uses materials in the most efficient way possible to reduce scrap, and when we do have scrap they’re repurposed as a heat source in our wood burning furnace!

Our Supply Partners

Chester Building Supplies Ltd. and Nova Scotia Building Supplies (1982) Ltd  are our supply partners. In addition to providing high quality raw materials they can also supply your project with interior cabinets, finishes, fixtures and more.


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