Welcome to Interhabs!

Custom homes built to last.

We specialize in custom designed homes and buildings that use our signature panelized wall system. Since 1975 we've had the same philosophy -  structural home elements engineered in a controlled environment provide maximum value and the most enduring results.

We provide home components that meet or exceed all current building code requirements, and aim for the highest standards of energy efficiency while providing superbly beautiful home designs.

Designed for living.

We realize you expect a lot from your home and our experienced in-house design team can help you achieve your dream, in conjunction with your chosen builder, providing creative designs that reflect your tastes and needs. We have dozens of existing plans you can choose and modify, or we can create something just for you.

Savings for you.

Interhabs homes are designed to realize significant savings, in time and labor, for you and your contractor/builder. We've been designing and manufacturing top quality wood frame components and packages for over 45 years.

We ship!

Our panelized construction system means we can ship  your home to you ! Whether your local to Hubbards, in the Maritimes, or across the Atlantic ocean, the components of your home will be packed with care and delivered to you. You can find Interhabs Homes in your neighborhood and around the world, like this gorgeous home from a project in Scotland!


We are happy to chat and quote any project, whether a cottage, family residence or commercial building. Our quotes can be as simple as pre-built wall panels - making your contractor’s job easier, or a complete package – supplying everything required for the structure of your building.