We can help your company design and build the perfect project! We offer drafting services and panelized construction of structural elements, creating high quality and efficient builds.



  • Drafting – work with our team to create a custom design tailored to your specifications and allowing for efficient panelization of the build.
  • Panelized Components – manufactured in a controlled environment, our panelized components are precisely measured and built in a jig so they’re always square.
  • Full building kits or structural elements only – get exactly what you need without any waste.



Panelization allows you to have the structural elements of your project delivered directly to your build site, reducing labor and material costs, and reducing overall build time. Plus, our panels are manufactured in a controlled environment, meaning they haven’t been exposed to the elements and it’s less time your crew has to spend outdoors!


Reduce build time by up to 60%*

Reduce waste by up to 60%

Reduce on-site labour compared to traditional stick framing.

Increased durability of materials as panels are built indoors.

High quality panels are made from premium building materials.

Reduce on-site theft and damages.


*Based on a single-family home build, reductions in cost, waste, and labour will vary depending on the scope of the project.



The first step is to create a plan for your project, once the design is finalized, we use those plans to manufacture all exterior walls to the exact specifications needed. We use only premium grade lumber sheathed with OSB (Oriented Strand Board) or plywood for the exterior panels.


All window and door openings are built to spec with headers installed. We pre-cut floor and roof systems and can build interior petitions and knee walls if requested.


Our panels are numbered and tagged to the plan as they are built in our facility so they can be easily assembled on-site.


Once manufacturing is complete products are shipped to your job site on a scheduled date for you/your contractor to assemble.